Founder and Creator

I am Lou Hargrove the Owner/Creator of Red Butterfly Sanctuary. I am certified Life Coach specializing in Self-Intimacy. I have learned the importance of intentional self-love and allowing ourselves self-care on a regular basis. In 2015, I began my personal love journey, that over the years turned into my self-love journey, that double as my healing journey. I was then able to find myself in a place of love and self-discovery.  This same journey is what brought me to my discovery and love for waistbeads. Starting out as a weight loss tool, waistbeads helped me to realize my own beauty and worth.

I was searching for a way feel better within myself. My first strand of waistbeads forced me to look in the mirror and truly see myself for the first time in years. The excitement I felt in that moment was indescribable. I knew I could not keep this love and energy to myself. So I've delved into research and practice to offer high quality waistbeads for other women's personal love and healing journey. I want women to experience true love and passion in every aspect of their lives, especially that deep undeniable love that lives inside all of us. 

I believe that once we discover that we are all Love manifested into human form, we can open ourselves up to a world of unlimited possibilities.