Reclaiming Love, healing, and sensuality

Red Butterfly Sanctuary is all about reclaiming love, healing and sensuality. Here you will find self-love tools that are designed to assist you no matter where you are on your love journey. Allow yourself to be wrapped in complete love. Allow yourself to experience wholeness. Reclaim the right to know and experience what your love feels like. Open yourself to release what is not yours to hold on to. For more centered 1 on 1 assistance make sure you check out our coaching services.

History of Waist Beads

Waist beads have a long history in African culture dating back to Ancient Egypt. Waist beads are traditionally worn by women to enhance their waist size, beauty, sexuality, femininity, fertility, well-being, and maturity. Many women have used waist beads to be more attractive to their husbands. In Asante and Krobo cultures, waist beads are worn as a rite of passage. Mothers present waist beads to their daughters to mark their coming of age. Today waist beads are still used for traditional purposes or whatever purpose you decide. It's all up to you. There is no right or wrong way to wear, style, or gift your strands.

Coaching Services

Self-Intimacy Coaching

As a Self-Intimacy Coach. I help women build an intimate relationship with themselves, find the clarity to step into their power, and create a life that is full of ease.

This work is done through our waist beads, journals, online courses as well as our 1 on 1 coaching services.

You are LOVE

It's time to reconnect to your essence and realize what unconditional love honestly feels like. Begin to tap into the love you have always been. Remember that the relationship that you have with yourself is the foundation for all other relationships in your life.

You are worthy

You are deserving of decoration and adornment. You deserve the love you give others. You deserve the love you seek from others and know you deserve to give that kind of love to your self. Waist beads are for all body types and sizes.

You are enough

You can't have relationships with other people until you give birth to yourself. -Sonia Sanchez